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Did you know, if your domestic employee works for you for more than 24 hours per month, by law as an employer you are required to register your employee and yourself with the UIF Department and contribute towards the UIF fund.  You, as a domestic employer, are also required by law to provide your domestic employee with the following: Employment contract, Monthly Payslip, a Breakdown of Leave Accumulated and Taken, as well as an Attendance Register. That’s where we come in.

Domestic UIF registration and payroll management need not be a complicated task. PSIberLite offers a comprehensive solution for domestic employers. We assist in your full registration for UIF, UFIlling registration and payroll setup. Our system allows for 'automatic month end', which means you only need to make changes or log into the system once there is an increase. Additionally, the system will automatically email you the payslip every month, without you having to do anything!

PSIberLite provides you with the following:

  • Secure access at home or on the go
  • Standard BCEA Employment Contract
  • Leave application forms
  • Loan applications forms
  • Ability to customise and load any earnings or deductions
  • Automatically emails your employees' payslip to You
  • Automatically calculates any statutory deductions
  • Keeps all employee information safe and secure in the cloud – You have no risk of losing the information
  • Pre-populates any statutory forms – No need for manual capturing
  • Keeps track of all leave for you


Domestic workers must be given a contract detailing their duties and hours of work. Why not allow us to assist you to create a payroll for your domestic worker. This will ensure that they receive a detailed payslip, as per the recommendations from the Department of Labour and an employment contract - ensuring you are complying with all legislative requirements.


A domestic worker is entitled to one days leave for every 17 days worked. Therefore domestic workers working 1 day a week are entitled to 3 days annual leave per annum. Similarly a domestic worker is entitled to 1 day sick leave for every 26 days worked i.e. two days per annum.

PSIberLite allows you to track all your employees leave information from a central point. Employees' leave transactions are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated.

Turn to PSIberLite for domestic payroll, UIF, and every point in between.

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PSIberLite presents an online payroll solution that combines the flexibility of online software application and the simplicity of a logical, intuitive interface to give businesses the power to effectively take control of their payroll procedures.

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